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Relationships: When He’s with the Guys


Here’s more of that little chat with the girls – one source of their anxiety when we’re out with the gang. It’s pretty hard not to worry when you know your mate’s out with other lecherous specimen of the species. Giving your trust to somebody is definitely one of the hardest things to do. When you give your trust to someone, you give them the privilege of knowing your private details which you usually keep from other friends. The people you trust know what makes you happy and they also know what can destroy you. It is this which makes them the same people who can hurt you the most.

It is true that you cannot enjoy true happiness in a relationship when there’s no trust between you. Passion alone is not enough. When there’s a lack of trust within a relationship, it is easy for jealousy, envy, and other insecurities to creep in and break you.

One instance where trust plays a significant role is when your partner goes out with his own set of friends. You don’t trust your boyfriend’s friends because you don’t like them. So what do you do? Do you get in the way by bitching over why he won’t spend time with you instead? Do you call your girlfriends and plan a surveillance mission just to see what he’s “up to”? Or do you convince him to take you along so you can watch him yourself?

Just as it is important for you to maintain other relationships, it is also important for him that you like his friends. How would you like it if your partner has a problem with you spending time with your own friends? It does not do to tie a leash on your partner’s neck because he’s surely gonna ask you to untie it or else. So prevent a fight where you’ll just end up seeming jealous and possessive.


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