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Relearning Writing Basics

There are some of us who struggle with our writing. It’s not as easy to make a decent composition and to put together something brilliant enough for everyone to read and enjoy. And for a struggling writer, nothing is as intimidating as a blank screen or a blank piece of paper (for those who do it the old-fashioned way).

Among the most common problems one encounters with writing is establishing the a main idea. All paragraphs should have a main idea. If we cannot identify the main idea, our thoughts become chaotic and confusing. Always start with your main idea, and then elaborate through supporting sentences.

Use standard language. Brush up on your language skills and enrich your vocabulary. It’s easier and faster to write when you have the words for your thoughts. That also means that you have to revisit good grammar.

Map out your story with an outline. You may think you can work without it, but an outline can save you a lot of time and wrong turns. Mapping out your plots in a comprehensive outline will give you a reference and a guide which you can refer to every time you write your next paragraph.

Don’t use a style you’re not familiar with. You want to write in style but plain and simple composition has got you nose-bleeding. Take it one step at a time. Writing is an acquired skill. The more you practice the better you become. Complement your practice with reading good books of the same genre as your composition so you can familiarize yourself with the different styles you can use later on.

Proofread and revise. There’s always room for improvement. Read your work as if you didn’t write it and adopt your criticisms. It’s important that you can examine your work objectively so you can make necessary revisions.

Write about things you’re passionate about. Writing is a passion. Your creative juices will fail you if you’re working on a topic that bores you. Most successful writers write about their passion. They were able to build a career on writing because it makes them happy.


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