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Resolving Conflicts for the New Year


The year is young and you’ve got a lot to live for this year. It’s quite normal for people to have some. But perhaps before you really delve deeper into 2008, you might want to resolve some unfinished business so you can really set off to a new start. Indeed one truly appreciates the need for procrastination when one has issues which are better off, well, forgotten. But with issues such as these, procrastination is not an option.

Go about the impending breakup. Men are known to take our time when we want to put an end to an affair. Instead of doing what little boys do, step up, and tell her it’s over. Putting it off will only make matters worse.

Now when it’s your heart that’s breaking, the best advice consists of only 3 words: Get Over It. It is most common to depress over heartaches and hope for reconciliation no matter how hopeless the circumstances prove to be, but moping will not do you any good. You need to meet new girls.

Reconcile with the estranged family. If you’re single and estranged with your family, you must have felt lonely during the new year. This is the perfect time to go over the forgive issues with your family. It can be more difficult than breaking up with someone, but nothing can give your whole year more meaning than being okay again with your folks.


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