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Rip-off: Kelly’s Wii Lease-Purchase for $79…

Nintendo Wii for $948 at Kelly’s

… a month! And oh, wait… Wait for it… for 12 months!

Just when you thought you’re getting a bargain, Kelly’s Sales and Leasing is offering a rent-to-own arrangement for a Nintendo Wii (which is currently priced at a relatively cheap $250) that would, in the end, cost you a grand total of $948 – almost the amount of 4 Wiis.

Oh and their definition of lease-purchase:

What distinguishes lease-purchase from a retail credit sale is that there is no interest charged to consumers, no credit is needed, and customers can return the merchandise at any time. This no-obligation, no-debt feature is the cornerstone of lease-purchase. It’s easy, it’s safe and it’s hassle-free. Free replacement, repair and delivery are included.

Yeah, no credit needed, only you get to “own” the item for nearly 400% its retail value. Even an installment with interest via credit card purchase is still way lower than what Kelly’s has to offer.

Via: Consumerist


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