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Room Painting Basics

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Home maintenance does not have to be expensive. Hiring a contractor for a simple paint job can run up a hefty tab so doing it yourself should be your prime consideration. It’s a simple do-it-yourself projects which you can do on your own. You can start by learning how to paint the rooms in your house.

What color is your home? Making a color choice is crucial. Once you decide on a color and buy cans of paint, there’s no turning back. I advice that before you make that purchase, scan through pages of lifestyle magazines which showcase houses and spaces. Look for something which might appeal to your taste. Get an idea how your room might look if you use a particular color. Consider factors such as light, and mood you wish to create for each room.

Purchase a latex paint (oil-based paints are harder to apply and more susceptible to mildew, dries longer, and gives of stronger odors than latex) of your chosen color. The most usual wall finish are flat, eggshell, and satin. Other things you will be needing are: tarpaulins, a paint roller, and a paint brush.

Before you open any paint can, clear the wall of any decorations and get all your furniture out of the room or in the center, away from the walls. For additional protection, you can cover them with tarps or newspapers. Cover your floor as well.

It is necessary to clean the walls before painting them. Get off the stains. Scrub the wall clean and let it dry completely before getting started with the painting.

Use the paint roller to paint small sections. Be fast but meticulous about it because you have to blend completely. Every refill allows you to paint small sections so be quick because blending is better when the paint is still wet.

Wait for the wall paint to completely dry before you put back the furniture and the wall decorations.


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