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Saving Your Teen from Smoking

Although smoking is popularly accepted by the society, there are still many people who are against the habit. It’s hard to convince adults to drop the habit. But if your teen starts puffing, you better do something quick.

Why your teen might smoke. Smoking is advertised as a part of a glamorous lifestyle. Just take a look at their ads on billboards. Aside from that, there’s also the problem of peer pressure. If your teen’s friends are encouraging your teen to smoke, it’s going to be hard for him to say NO. Talk to your teen about peer pressure. Involve him in a mature discussion so that he will be pushed to think maturely.

Help him realize why he doesn’t need to smoke. When teens are confused, that’s when they get pressured easily by their friends. Your teen needs to know who he is so he can make decisions for himself. By being confident on his character, he will be able to determine decisions which are good or bad for him. Help him develop his self-esteem so he can react better to peer pressure.

Help him become engaged in sports or a productive hobby. Teens try many stupid things probably because they have nothing better to do. If your kid wants to get piano lessons or acting workshops, encourage him as long as the activity is productive and character-building.

Don’t nag. Teens get irritated easily, and more so when they are being reprimanded. They usually become defensive and they start denying things to avoid getting embarrassed. Avoid this kind of futile conversation by not nagging. When you nag, they become more rebellious. Instead, give him facts about smoking, on why you think it’s bad for him, and why you think he should think twice before he decides to smoke. By not nagging, he will feel more responsible about his actions and thus avoid making bad decisions.


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