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Simple Tips on Bathing Your Baby

Babies are probably the most delicate thing. And you have to be very careful and gentle every time you touch them. First-time parents might be up for quite a challenge. Taking care of a baby is a grueling but intimate experience. Read on to get more tips on how you can make parenting your second nature.

When cleaning up your baby, use warm water. This is to make sure that the temperature will be not be too hot or too cold for them. Test the water with your hands first before bath time. To make sure babies are kept clean, you can give them a bath every night but always test the water temperature first. Know that different babies react to cold differently; some are more sensitive.

Use only very mild bath soap recommended for baby use. This is to make sure your baby does not get rashes and allergic reactions from active ingredients.

Use only a soft towel to rub off water from skin. Dry the body as fast as you can but with utmost gentleness. Ensure that everything is dried — armpits, and the groins. You can also use hypoallergenic powder.

As your child grows, you can bathe him in colder water.

As your child grows, you can bathe him in colder water and more often than before. But since most children hate bath time, you might be only as lucky to clean the face and hands regularly. But children will always be children. That means they find a playground in the most grubby of places — under the bed, in the kitchen floor, in the garage, up the dusty attic, etc. So buy him some floaties like a rubber duckie or a toy boat so he’ll enjoy his bath more.


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