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Small Business Tip: Attract Customers through Creative Displays

Maintaining a shop is a good business when you know how to work it. Of course selling is always the objective but how do you get people to actually buy? Aside from giving out big discounts, what else can you do to make the buyers come to you?

Any shopkeeper knows that the challenge is in getting the buyers to step inside and take a look-see. That is where you can start selling. But with all the other shops in the area, how can you pull those customers in?

When it comes to attracting customers, the window display plays a crucial part. You want people to stop in their tracks and see what you have on the shelves. To get a magnetic window display, you need to summon all your creativity skills.

Work on a theme. Check out the best window displays you’ve ever seen about town and study how they achieved a very effective display. What themes are they using? How do they execute their themes? What’s their style? What makes it effective and what part of it doesn’t work for you if you were a buyer?

When it comes to choosing a theme, you can either use the current season, a pop culture, a trend, a color, etc. What is your featured product? Put emphasis on your featured product by presenting it on your window display. Make it your front liner.

Remember that your display should be artistic, not messy. There’s a difference between being creative and being untidy. If you’re using a special lighting, make sure the spotlight stays on the product and not scattered to the whole window.

Be unique. Before you start with your theme, check out the displays of your competition so that yours will definitely stand out. If the other shops are using mannequins, for example, work with other materials so that you can catch the buyer’s eye.


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