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Small Business Tip: Generate Business Leads

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Marketing offers a wide array of tactics to help you push your business to your target market. It is a very valuable tool which can empower your business to achieve market leadership. But to attain such status, an entrepreneur not only had made his business available. First and foremost he has to know how he will position the business in such a way that the business can thrive long term.

One of the secrets to ensure you remain competitive is to continuously expand. You have to grow and foster new partners. You cannot do this by simply relying on what you already have and who you already know. You can expand your business by generating leads. Organize a recruitment program where you can invite new and potential business partners so you can introduce your business and present how your business can help their business. Filter your attendees by inviting only decision-makers – the people who really shape their own businesses so that you will really be talking to people who are in charge.

Give out feedback forms. Never miss out an opportunity where you can get feedback from your existing clients. The most tangible and direct comments will give you first-hand testimonials from people who have actually experience with what you’re selling. Create a feedback form which has evocative questions so you can extract vital business information. Your feedback form should ask for their company name, address, designation, contact info, boss, business type, plus other details which you might need to build your own database.

Make a newsletter. Word has to be out. Email blasting is a very cost-effective way to advertise your product. Every week you can e-blast updates and promotions so your clients


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2 Responses to “Small Business Tip: Generate Business Leads”

  • diane says:

    What we have found after doing a poll on our business magazine website is that people are not sure how to gain new leads, they feel that advertising in newspapers is the only real way and also by attending a weekly networking event hoping that someone at the event is going to come and give them loads of leads. They do not look at the bigger picture and all the different methods that they can use to generate new leads. If there was every a good business course to run, it would be how to generate new leads

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