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Small Business Tip: Hold a Successful Event


Holding an event is a risk and at the same time an opportunity. An event means you have to shell out money, and most often than not the success of such publicity depends on how much you can spend. To make sure your events are always fruitful, take heed of some of these tips.

Who are you inviting? It’s common sense -A-listers will make your event more noisy and interesting for the media. Depending on what kind of event you’re holding, try to invite the best-known people so that the press will have something to write about. If you have a good turn-out, you might even get press releases in local newspapers. Publicity free of charge.

What’s your gimmick this time? There’s an event planner I know which never fails in his events. He owes it to his creativity in thinking up different gimmicks every time and he never fails to bring surprise. He’s done a showgirl ala Vegas awards night, a Broadway-inspired corporate affair, and a concert press conference. Nothing like giving all that glitters to entice your VIPs to make an appearance.

Get as many media partners as you can. You need to spread the word that you’re having a mega-event and advertising usually costs half as much as the actual event. But if you are aggressive enough, you might be able to convince some media to tie-up with your event so they can disseminate the event information in exchange for a mention in the sponsors’ lineup.

Check your equipment beforehand. If you spent big money on the event, and you’re banking on a big return of investment, then you can’t afford a boo-boo. Hours before the event proper, make sure all equipment are tested and ready on cue, so that you can avoid any embarrassment.


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