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Small Business Tip: Promoting Your Business

Those working in the PR industry know the true value of publicity. The need for promotion is constant. Business and publicity goes hand in hand. If you wanna sell, you gotta publicize. If you’re a newbie in the publicity industry, here are tips for you so you can capitalize on your resources to achieve publicity.

Work harder than your competition. Your goal is to be the most recognized in your field. Publicity can help you achieve that. Let the word out. What are you selling? Explore different channels you can use to reach your target market. One of the most effective ways to broadcast is to make yourself visible online. Make a website of your product where people can order online so that you can have a wider range of clientele.

Sponsor local events. Your community might have one of those one-in-a-year events that you could sponsor, oftentimes for just a small amount. This creates the image that your business gives back to the community. Free publicity too.

Do you know someone who knows someone who’s an editorial staff in a local paper? A free press release can generate a lot of leads and inquiries. Tap your networks / contacts who can help you announce your business to the world. Just think, how much does advertising cost nowadays? With a little knowledge on public relations you can score a space for free!

Get to meet more people who work in the media. The more writers you befriend, the more chances you have of getting free publicity. One way to do it is to hold press conferences. Research on the lineup of staff in leading papers. You can get this info online or you can make phone alls to the publication and inquire about the writers’ contact numbers. Press cons cost less than paid advertisements. Besides, a good friendship with the media translates to good and free publicity for your business.

Get your business listed in directories. A cheap alternative is to promote your business through the yellow pages. If you have a bit more cash to spend, then get a larger ad spot in the directory. And yes, web-based business listing brings you to the 21st century. Try iBegin and be part of a large database of business providers.


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