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Small Business Tip: Starting a Beauty Salon


People will pay loads just to look good. Isn’t it true? Nowadays, there’s a long lineup of different treatments and services, all promising to enhance appearance. People want to look good! This is why if you do it right with the salon business, you can get rich, baby! Thinking of putting up your own parlor? Here are tips for you!

Gather all your resources. The capital required to start up this kind of business depend on the kind of salon you want to have. Are you looking at a grand house of beauty? If your resources are limited, you can put up a small salon first and wait for your return of investment so you can expand it. You might also want to consider franchising an existing salon business. Explore your options before you make up your mind.

What’s your market? Which customers do you want? If you’re planning to have an upscale salon, that requires a bigger capital since you have to invest on high-quality products, first-class service and facilities.

What services do you plan to offer? Some salons offer services for both men and women to reach all potential clients. Typical services include haircut, hair treatments, nails, and skin care. The salons I’ve been to also sell some beauty products for extra profit.

Choose your staff. The success of this business depends largely on customer loyalty. This means you should not only hire skilled workers, but you should also consider their flair for PR. Customers who go to the salon usually love the chitchat so make sure you invest on staff with good people skills.

Set competitive prices. Depending on the skill-level of your staff, your services, the equipment and products you use, and your location, set competitive prices. You might not be the only beauty place in town so you can use competitive pricing and quality service to your advantage. Just be sure that you’ll be earning a profit after factoring everything in.


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