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Small Business Tip: Working the Media During Events

It is not a secret strategy that if you want to make it big in whatever you do, you have to involve the press to get some media coverage. The only problem is, the press is not exactly the easiest kind of people to please. But since you have no choice, you have to do whatever it takes to achieve such friendship. Here’s a few tips to help you get started.

Call them. Once you get started in the PR industry, you will have no choice but to introduce yourself and make yourself known to the people you need to know. Lift the receiver and start making those courtesy phone calls. Tell them you’re their new contact in your company. Use the phone call to update everyone that you’re the new girl and if they’ll need anything from your company, you’ll be the one to assist them. That would make your phone call seem significant and memorable. It’s also a way for them to write your name and number on their address books.

Rotate. When you’re holding a press con, mingle with all the groups. Take a bite of your meal then chat with one group, get your drink and make conversations with another group. This is also how you can maximize an event. Make sure to ask for everyone’s business cards and
to give out yours.

Give them media tokens. Even the gods are taken away with gifts. Send them a gift on their birthdays and on every special occasion. Convince your company to invest on media gifts because media coverage is priceless.


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