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Swimming Safety for Kids

Pool Safety

Summer is just around the corner. And we all know that when it’s getting this hot, your kids are gonna ask you to go swimming sooner or later. And you’d want to go, too… considering how hot it is. But how can you enjoy the beach if you’re just going to worry about your kid’s safety on water? The only way to solve this is to make sure they can take care of themselves!

It’s important that kids should know how to stay afloat. This will save them (and you) from drowning and you from babysitting. It is also important to note that a lot of kids die from drowning.

Enroll them in swimming lessons! Swimming is a survival skill. If you have funds to give them swimming lessons, go ahead and do it. This will teach them to enjoy swimming, and will render them capable to save others from drowning if emergency strikes.

When you go to a pool, take note of the depth markers — that’s how you know how deep the water is so you get an idea if the water level is safe for your kid. Check if the pool has a resident lifeguard too. Avoid very crowded public pools too as all the chaos can easily mask danger.

Make sure you give your kids a clear set of instructions before they jump in the water. First, they have to tell you which area they’re going to swim so you’ll know where to find them. Second, tell your kids to watch each other. Third, no running – several accidents are caused by slipping when kids run on wet floors.

Get your kids a beach ball and other floating beach toys. These accessories serve a double purpose. Other than toys, they also serve as lifelines to stay afloat. And give them swimming gears like goggles, too.

And of course make sure you bring enough waterproof sunscreen for everyone!


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