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Tech News: Internet Explorer 8 Beta is Out!

Internet Explorer 8 BETA

I am still an out and out Firefox fan but anything that involves my OS’ manufacturer deserves a look somehow. And when news has it that the new Internet Explorer 8 would be standards-compliant, it definitely has my attention (though I can’t seem to avoid not snickering when I get to think of “standards compliance” and “Internet Explorer” in the same line).

Standards-compliance offers a lot of advantages. This means that if you properly use semantic code (XHTML and CSS), then you can pretty much determine how one design would look. That would mean less problems for designers and developers. IE8 would even have a set of integrated developer tools to quickly debug codes and scripts. The browser passes the Acid2 browser test and fully supports CSS 2.1

IE8 also contains two new features – Activities (which are “contextual services to quickly access a service from any webpage. Users typically copy and paste from one webpage to another”) and WebSlices (which allows websites “to connect to their users by subscribing to content directly within a webpage. WebSlices behave just like feeds where clients can subscribe to get updates and notify the user of changes”).

A few more features are: a Favorite toolbar, Advanced Crash Recovery, and Improved Phishing Filter.

Download Internet Explorer 8 BETA here.


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