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Tech News: RIAA Passes Policing Duties to ISPs

The Recording Industry Association of America announced that it will be ending using lawsuits as a tactic to combat illegal music sharing over the Internet. So should pirates and leechers rejoice? Not really. TH RIAA is turning to ISP for help. Yup, that’s right. Download via P2P and you’ll get taken of the Internet.

The way the new enforcement system will work is that the RIAA will alert an ISP that a customer appears to be file sharing. The ISP will then notify the person that he or she appears to be file sharing. If the behavior by the customer doesn’t change, then more e-mails will be sent. If the customer ignores these e-mails, then the ISP may choose to suspend the person’s service. If all else fails, they can choose to discontinue service.

Lawsuits had been a mucky thing but the RIAA must acknowledge that regulating what is can be made available over the Internet is really fighting a losing battle. People will always find ways to make digitial media available for free. Banning people off the Internet while attractive for their cause would be a tough act to do.

Via: CNet


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