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Tech News: Toshiba Slashes HD-DVD Player Prices

Uh-oh. Could this be Toshiba’s move now that Sony’s Blu-ray has gained the upper hand? Sony just got a nice break in the hi-def format wars when Hollywood studios (like Warner Bros.) have gone Blu-ray exclusive. Toshiba now reacts by slashing up to 50% off the price of HD-DVD players. That means you can now get an HD-DVD player for something as low as $149 with high end ones selling for $399.

It has been a wild ride for this one. Personally, I’m still stuck with DVDs at home. I have a trusty laptop anyway to double up as my portable theater system. This HD wars have gone so mucky that it’s the consumer that’s caught within the crossfire. There seems to be no room for practicality here especially for movie afficionados. Get one format, forgo all the other release made for the other.

But with this price cut of Toshiba’s, wouldn’t that make it more accessible for a person to own both formats? I wonder how this would eventually play out.

Via Computerworld


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