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The Politics of Sharing a House

Frat House

When you’re looking for a new place to live and you have a budget to work with, you might have a trouble finding a suitable place which satisfies all your requirements and is affordable at the same time. Before you move out of your dorm, decide on what kind of house setup you’ll have. If you want to save on rent, you might want to consider having housemates to split the rent with. But watch out! If you think a frat house was fun in college, dealing with other people in the real world might not be that fun.

Living with other people is tough when you’re not used to living alone. When you go solo, you alone decide on whether or not it’s time to clean the toilet, or throw the garbage out. This will all change when you start living with someone. If you want to maintain the friendly environment, make sure that it’s a pleasure to live with you.

Do your own chores on time. You may think that it’s your business if you want your laundry to be washed next week. But your soiled clothes reek of sweat which is just not cool for everyone else. Ditto for your mattresses. Your roommate might have a problem when you’re not fixing your bed after you wake up. Same goes for dishes, the floor, kitchen, and of course the toilet.

Choose the people you’ll live with. It might sound like a good idea to ask some officemates to share a house with you. You can share the bus, your schedules match and you have someone who’ll walk with you home when you work late. Nevertheless, the drawback is that if your housemate/officemate proves to be a jerk later on, you don’t know what nasty things he can say about you in your workplace.

If you don’t know of anyone who can readily move in with you, you can try placing an ad in the local papers, or you can ask friends if they know of anyone looking for a place. You can also look for ads on the newspaper for homeowners or old people who are seeking companion. They may ask you to do some chores or errands for them, but in exchange you get to pay minimum rent.


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