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Things to Do Before Hiring a Bodyguard

Okay so this would happen only if you’re a celebrity and all of a sudden you find yourself needing a bodyguard. Imagine — a huge chunky wall to make sure you’re safe from the paparazzi, fans, and strangers in general. Your safety is more important than anything. That is why you can’t just hire anyone to take on the job of securing your future. Review these pointers to know what you should look for in your knight in not-so-shining armor.

Consult with an agency. It is always best to deal with a corporate entity than individuals. They might demand a bit more premium but hey, you’re a celebrity, right? So if you’ve been playing your money right, then you have more than enough to get you a decent bodyguard through an agency. Though make sure that you get an agency with a solid rep.

What kind of service do you need? Do you need the whole SWAT team to protect you or is one tough bodyguard enough for you to feel safe? If you’re getting a one-man army, you might want to consider the personality of the person. You will most probably have a closer bond with one bodyguard. A whole team you can work with in an all-too professional way, but if you’re getting just one guy, then you might want someone you feel comfortably talking with.

Just like a regular hiring process, make the applicant go through a series of interviews and exams so you can assess his capacity to safeguard your well-being. Have the person take comprehensive exams for you to know if he’s intelligent (you need someone who can outsmart the photogs) as well as psychological exams (A guy who carries a gun should be 100% sane).

Check his criminal record. You want a bodyguard who’ll scare people away, not someone who’s a danger to you. Before you hire anyone, run through a background check on your applicant. You can also look up a selection of bodyguard agencies so you can get more options.


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