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Thinking of Buying Your Neighbor’s Property?

You love your neighborhood, and you’d love nothing more than to expand your territory. Do you find yourself admiring the next door’s space, thinking how perfect it is if it were an extension of your land?
You can try asking them if they can sell it to you! Here’s how to do just that.

Before you show any sign of interest, make sure their piece of land is really worth it. Will the landscape complement your property?

Do a background check to find out who really owns the property. Before you ask your neighbors, it might help if you can get the info from someone else. You need to know the person you need to negotiate with. Researching on this info might give you additional tidbits and history about the place. If you want to know, you have to ask. But before you ask, get them to talk about how they settled in the neighborhood. Most probably, their story will give you hints on how to approach them on your proposal.

Get help from a professional to get at least an estimate value of the property. Check this against today’s fair market value. The negotiation will be a lot faster if you can already talk about figures when it turns out they’re interested about selling.

Don’t be aggressive on them. It takes time for people to decide about selling their property because that means they’d have to find another home. Once you have expressed your intentions, don’t be too keen on following up. Just make sure you still get to talk as neighbors every once in a while so they will have the chance to tell you once they have made up their minds.


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