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Throwing a Potluck Party


If you’re craving for a variety of food but you only have a budget for one dish, why not call for a potluck party? Potluck is a good way to do parties. Aside from being practical, it also has less party hassles what with all the preparations you the host have to do before the party. Let these potluck suggestions help you organize your very own potluck party. And see for yourself how easier it is.

Everyone should be given a food assignment so that they can prepare the dishes in advance. Call for a meeting and tell them that everyone will have to bring a ready dish. It means that cooking in the kitchen is not allowed. Also, handing out food assignments would prevent some of those cheap bastards to spring for the easiest ones to make.

Discuss the food preferences. The usual food during potluck parties are casseroles, cookies, pasta, and some cakes. Make sure everyone brings something delightful and special.

Appreciate the effort. So not everyone is a natural cook who can whip up a most fantastic dish. But hey, it’s a potluck party. Avoid berating any dish. Just thank everyone for bringing their food assignment.

Make sure to get everyone’s contact details before the last goodbyes. The secret to holding good parties is in establishing new friendships with new people. Your friends are most likely to bring new guests. Maximize the night by making new contacts so the next time you hold your party, you’ll have more guests, and more food bringers!

Enjoy your potluck and make sure everyone has a good time. And I bet everyone will, since all preparation is done with equal contribution.


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