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Tips for Training Your Pet Cat


It purrs a lot and when it shouldn’t. It’s either sleeping or stretching its back. Cats are very lazy (and a bit pompous) creatures, aren’t they? They may be like that naturally, but the good news is, you can do something about it and here are some tips to help you with training your pet cat.

Is it a kitten or a full grown cat? Just like what they say about old dogs and old tricks, cats, as well as other pets, are better trained when they are young. This way, you can train them just when they’re just about developing their habits.

Do most of your training when you’re inside the house or in a room. This is important because if you do this outside, the cat might get distracted by the traffic noise or other animals walking on the street. A noisy environment is not ideal for a cat (or any pet, in this case) to focus on your training actions and gestures.

Be consistent. Make sure you don’t give mixed signals because pets need to understand your signals by repetition and habit. If you reprimand them when they pee inside and praise them one time for doing the same thing only they peed in your enemy’s foot, they might be confused with the mixed signals. You can make use of rewards such as catnip or a yummy bowl of milk every time they do good so that they’ll associate getting a reward by being a good pet.


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  • Geoff says:


    That is it? That counts as an article? Young, inside, consistent?

    What can you teach a cat to do? How do you do it?

    Worst posting ever

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