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Tips on Reproductive Health


Reproductive health is essential. We all have to make sure that every part of our body is free from diseases. This is why it is advisable for women (and men) to have a regular checkup with their doctors. Here are tips on how you can help your doctor keep you healthy.

If you don’t have a gynecologist yet, now is the time to have one, especially if you have an active sexual life. During your visits, make sure that you consult everything with your gynecologist. Ask your doctor every question in your head from care to treatment.

Wash yourself. Hygiene is still the best way to make sure that your body stays clean after any sexual activity. While there are many arguments on the merits of feminine washes, keeping yourself clean (that means wearing clean underwear is a must). And for guys, always wear clean ones. Forget those disgusting frat house days of wearing Side A today then Side B tomorrow.

Keep your visits regular. Make sure you always show up on your scheduled checkup time.

Ask for the latest medical technology. Ask your gynecologist to inform you about new procedures on reproductive health like mammogram, Pap exam, and the HPV vaccine.

Quit your bad habits. Did you know that smoking has damaging effects on your reproductive system? It’s true!

Safe sex is the only way to do it. If you’re going to do it, do it safely. Prevention is better than cure — that is a timeless saying.

Know that achieving a general well-being is also a big factor in reproductive health. Do exercise regularly, keep eating right, and stay away from stress.


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