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Toshiba Ends HD Wars

Nope and it’s not because they’ve won, but it’s because they conceded. It’s not like the case of the Betamax and the VHS where the adult industry was the deciding factor. Almost a year of following this issue and it seems like we have a winner in Blu-ray. Good news for Sony indeed after decades of attempting to introduce a preferred media format into the market. They could now start forgetting the Betamax and the minidisc catastrophes with HD-DVD now taking the backseat in this successor-to-DVD battle.

The biggest blow probably to Toshiba is Wal-Mart’s decision to back Blu-ray and exclusively sell only Sony’s format. This is after a series of blows like Time-Warner also choosing Blu-ray exclusive. Several other outfits like Netflix and Best Buy have decided to drop HD-DVD. Sales have already been dismal for HD-DVD to start with compared to the sudden surge for Blu-ray.

While Blu-ray can claim a victory, all we can look forward to is the future. What’s ahead of Blu-ray? What will be the next-generation media format. Flash-based storage has had major developments these past few years, maybe it’s time optical media get trumped by other storage technologies. Or for that matter, how about downloads?


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