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Watching Your Weight for the Holiday Season

The coming of the holiday season only means one thing for some people–food, and tons of it. And since the mood is happy almost everywhere you go, it’s hard to be not caught up in the best way we know how to celebrate – eating.

Eating is not a bad thing. It is a big part of the festivities. But what is wrong is if eating becomes synonymous with pigging out. And that’s when it start becoming really, really bad.

This holiday season, try to stay away from overeating. Because as soon as the season is over, you’re going to regret the weight you gained in just a few weeks.

Don’t skip meals. The principal policy for diet on regular days still applies. People skip their meals thinking they can cut calories if they miss their breakfast and lunch. But there’s a catch to this technique.

At some point in the day, you will feel hungry and under-nourished, which can lead to overeating at ungodly hours. At first you catch up with light snacks. And then it develops into a binge habit. Don’t slow down your metabolism by skipping meals. Eat on time and eat the right proportions.

Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean you should take time off gym or your morning jogs. You need your workouts especially now that you’re having all these feasts.

Eat and talk. You’ll eat less if you eat while you’re in a conversation. Doing so divides your attention to food and the topic, therefore giving your stomach enough time to tell you that you’re already full. Eating slowly is a good way to control your portions.

Serve healthy and balanced food. Don’t just go for the usual high-carb and fatty foods. Instead, try planning a healthier menu. Check out online recipes for healthier alternatives.


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