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Web Raid: LOLify Your Website

LOL LifeSpyIf you’re a big fan of cute pets, then would surely be a thing of interest for you. Especially if you find amusement in those LOLified captions that they put on the pictures of cute cats. Now, have you ever thought of remaking your website to be just like that?

Well if you think that’s cute then try the LOLinator. It’s a web service that LOLifies your website. Violate all rules of spelling and grammar and swap all the images with little furry creatures with LOL labels. Try to take a look at how LifeSpy looks LOLified.

Hehe. How about this LOLified version of that Clinton-Obama newsbit on BBC.

two frontrunna spoke out strongli against each otha. hilary clinton n barak obama… two uv democratic partee candidatez 4 us presidency… has clashed in debate before south carolina primary. mr obama accused mr clinton uv sayin anythin 2 get electd. on sunday he had accused ha husband bil clinton uv makin false statement bout him. but mr clinton sed it wuz hard 2 debate wit sumone who neva took responsibilitee 4 any vote he cast.

It has given me around 30 minutes of sheer unproductivity messing with all sorts of website.


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