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Web Raid: Mygazines Online Magazine Scans Sharing

The moment I heard about online magazine scan sharing site, Mygazines, the first thing that came to mind was copyright infringement. Magazine publishers have all the right to be pissed off. But hey, this is the Internet and it’s just filled with plagiarized content that it just offers a more convenient way of accessing “shared” content.

The service allows you to browse magazines (and sections of magazines) ranging from health (Men’s Health), computing (PC World) and even men’s magazines (FHM) uploaded by fellow users in a flip-page style interface.

Well, Mygazines seems to have managed to weasel it’s way out of prosecution since it has its domain registered abroad and its servers are elsewhere. Remember how Pirate Bay wanting to buy an island so that it can continue hosting torrents?

I have to admit I’m trying it out while it’s up. Many a good read on this one.


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