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What to Do when in Doomed Relationships


Usually, doomed relationships have signs flying in all directions; it’s just a matter of whether you’re ignoring these signs or not. A relationship is always a risk. We’re not being cynical here, I mean, we still believe in like-very-much at first sight. People know that entering a relationship requires a few sacrifices (at the least) as well as enjoying romance. But when the affair that you’re in is nearing its end, you can either be classy or desperate

Who calls it quits? It’s either you or him/her. Ending a relationship is never easy. Of course some are easier to end, but still, inevitably, hearts get broken. This is because people who enter a relationship have had happy memories too and at some point you thought what you had was promising. So closing the book is always hard. But if a relationship is not taking you anywhere, then it sure has to end one way or another. But whatever happens, don’t breakup through a text message, an email, or a post-it.

What do you say when you’re asked why you want a breakup? I say “when” instead of “if” because most often than not, people want to know why their partners are breaking up with them. We need to know the reason because we profess to work on it to make better lovers. Either that, or we just need more drama. When asked, you can always try to evade confrontations by telling her stuff like, “I need to find myself.” or “It’s not you, it’s me.”. But lies like these don’t make better persons out of you. You need to admit the real reason. Knowing exactly what went wrong is the only way you can grow after a failed relationship.


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