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When Getting Pregnant Gets Tough

Pregnant Woman

What do women want? Career? Romance? Women come in many forms. Except for a select few, it is believed that motherhood is the essence of being a woman. To some though, motherhood is a difficult option simply because they can’t conceive a child.

Where some women unexpectedly get pregnant, some women cannot, after so many attempts, conceive a child. People say smoking, too much alcohol, and even the kind of underwear contribute to difficulty in conception. One popular belief seems quite true, though. Stress is a contraceptive.

The couple, and more likely the woman will tend to undergo denial. It is a delicate predicament to deal with. How is one to accept and understand the problem of conceiving a child when you were told ever since you were a girl that you are capable to have a child?

When it’s time to have a child — you want it but you’re having trouble having it, you’ll go through a lot of complicated feelings of mixed anguish, yearning, torment, and longing. Most cases of difficulty in conception should be subject to medical consultation and help. Even though you’ve heard that timing is also a factor in getting pregnant, you shouldn’t nonetheless take for granted the time you’re wasting by not having yourself checked for fertility.

Choose your doctor. Fertility is a sensitive topic. It is important that you trust your doctor enough to talk to him/her your grief. You need to be as relaxed as possible to be able to cooperate fully with your fertility specialist.

Go through it as a couple. The difficulty in conception should be a struggle for both parents-to-be. The man should be as involved in the process as the woman. Couples who are together in this difficult stage are more likely to succeed than couples where guys are less helpful.


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