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When People Drop You as a Friend

Now it also happens when friends decide that you’re not really a friend to them. We are not always conscious of our actions, and sometimes we do things that hurt people and we may not even be aware of it. If you feel like one of your friends are distancing herself from you, then something is definitely wrong.

Don’t worry. You will have new friends to replace the one you lost. Just make sure you’re more sensitive now about other people’s feelings.

Go ahead, feel bad about it. What’s positive about allowing yourself to grieve over your loss is that you will be more appreciative of your friendships. In the process you will analyze what went wrong and how you can avoid making the same mistake to your other friends.

Get busy. The next step is to move on. Get yourself involved in a new group activity where you can meet new people. Join a social club so that you can forget what just happened.

Don’t say anything against her or spread a rumor. If it’s your fault, let it go. Your goal is to make yourself a better friend. Being bitter about it will only make making new friends harder for you. Just move on, start anew and you will attract new friendships.

Don’t allow yourself to be a pushover. Yes, you were the reason you had a fallout, but don’t allow him to bully you. If he’s as righteous as he says, he will not be repeating your mistake over and over again.

Forgive yourself and forgive your friend. Many people would agree that holding on to pain will only make you suffer longer. But if you just let the past go, you can be free from any guilt. If you and your old friend will be given another chance to be friends again then it’s ok. But think positively and towards how you can make yourself a better friend to others. That’s how you can be proactive about it.


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