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When You Want a Baby and He Does Not

Sleeping Baby

There comes a point in time when you finally say it’s time for you to have a baby of your own. And that’s the time you start making all kinds of preparation that goes with getting ready for having a baby. The only problem is, your partner doesn’t seem too excited about it. What do you do?

It’s important to be honest about your feelings with each other. You have to talk about each other’s feelings so you can come to an agreement. You have to tell him why you want a baby, and he has to tell you why he’s not ready for it. The purpose of this discussion is to find out the true feeling behind the misgivings and hesitations. Does he need more time to prepare himself for fatherhood or is he really not interested in having a baby with you? You have to know what’s going on.

Do not turn the talk into an argument. This is obviously a crucial aspect of your relationship. If you can’t agree on which direction to go, fighting is not the way to make him want what you want. Discuss thoroughly because he may actually have a point. Maybe he’s saying your finances are not ready yet, or you’re both not emotionally prepared. Don’t let this one thing become something that can build a gap between the two of you.

You can seek the help of a relationship counselor if you need help understanding each other’s concerns. If you really can’t bridge the gap among yourselves, the relationship counselor can help you understand each other and see why you’re having different views. Hopefully, the two of you can help each other prepare for this next stage of your relationship.


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