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Whipping Up a Simple Pasta Meal


Not all of us can cook cuisine and sometimes we only have a few minutes to whip up something good for us and our family. Pasta has always been a lifesaver. It’s easy to cook, and it doesn’t cost much. So if you’re planning to build your own menu, start with mastering the food everyone loves — pasta!

The fun begins with choosing a shape. There is a wide variety of pasta you can find available in the market so choose among these shapes. Choosing the pasta type should be based on what sauce you’re using and the kind of pasta you’re cooking. Generally, you can use long pasta with oily sauce while for meat and cheese pasta, the shorter ones are more suitable.

For how many people are we cooking? Are you expecting guests or are you making dinner for yourself? Don’t cook more than what you can eat because you’re going to waste ingredients and time.

Prepare everything else before you boil your pasta. Just like in cooking shows, put everything in a small bowls or prepare the sauce so can just mix it when the pasta is ready. For starters, you can buy pre-cooked sauce.

Get a pot which can hold everything in, and boil water. Sprinkle a bit of salt to add flavor. As soon as it’s boiling, add the pasta but read the instructions to see how much time it will need to get cooked. You can add a little oil to make sure they don’t stick with each other. Stir gently and continuously. Watching over your pasta will also ensure that you will not overcook it. If you want to get the noodles al dente, you can check this guide to cooking noodles until al dente.

Turn off the flame and drain the pasta. Add the sauce and serve!

If you want, here’s our recipe for prawn pasta.


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