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Why You Get Dizzy


Call it woozy, lightheaded or vertigo. Either way you’re dizzy. What do you do when you suddenly feel dizzy? Remember that time you were going down the stairs and you felt dizzy and how you held on to the bars to save yourself from falling down? Yep, dizziness at unexpected times can prove to be more dangerous than you think. It’s common but nonetheless it’s not something you should be having, especially when you’re on the go or when you’re driving.

One of the most common types of dizziness is vertigo. You become dizzy when you start to feel like the room is spinning around you. When you experience this, you feel like vomiting. This is most likely what you feel after you unload the rollercoaster.

Another is what’s called disequilibrium where you lose your sense of balance and you have a tendency to fall towards one direction.

There is also what’s known as pre-syncope. This is the condition when one feels like fainting. This is probably the explanation why you feel dizzy when you stand up immediately after sitting or lying down.

Do you have motion sickness? Are you one of those people who feel like throwing up when they’re in a moving car, airplane, ship or motorcycle? One way believed to fight motion sickness is to have a visual sense of your movement. Look out of the airplane window so you can see where you’re going. Or you can also just try to fight the feeling by taking a nap and closing your eyes. You should also try to gain access to fresh air. A foul odor will only make the sickness worse.

In general, dizziness should be subject to a doctor’s help. And the best way to go is still prevention. If you make sure that you’re eating right, and you’re in the pink of health, you’re less likely to feel woozy. Have your blood pressure checked regularly.
It would also be a smart thing to make your home safe for you if you tend to feel dizzy all the time. Avoid coming up and down the stairs, and use rugs and carpets to make the floor a little softer just in case you faint.


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One Response to “Why You Get Dizzy”

  • Alex says:

    Yep, this dizziness, disequilibrium, pre-syncope, motion sickness and other things happen only when one doesn’t get proper diet. To get rid of these we should have healthy food which can keep us strong.

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