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Windows Tip: Downloading Vista Service Pack 1

Windows Vista LogoI’m currently waiting for Windows Update to finish downloading and installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1. While it has been around for a few days, it was only today that Windows Update prompted me to download it.

I have to admit that ever since getting this rig June of last year, Windows Vista has severely crashed on me just a couple of times. And both times, slapping on the installer DVD during the startup and restoring a restore point did the job. There are a few quirks that I could really bitch about with Vista but so far, it’s getting the job done. Not that this means something. Since by my experience, Windows XP has done a much better job and I’m confident that even Linux would serve my computing needs well.

Anyway, this thing is supposed to contain a chock-full of goodies and improvements. I am holding my breath even if I know I shouldn’t be waiting for any pleasant surprises but I half-expect installing this thing would fuck things up for me. So before I hit OK on Windows Update, I made sure that everything has been backed up.

Check out the overview here.

Download Windows Vista Service Pack 1.


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