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Windows Tip: How to Access the Hidden Browser in XP

Internet Explorer Using CalcThis is one great “hack” if you happen to need to browse the Internet but the dastardly administrators just blocked out the use of Internet Explorer and prevented you from installing software like Mozila Firefox. If using a standalone browser via USB flash drive (Don’t you just want to throttle people when that happens as well.), then you might want to use this. The peeps from Hackosis brings us this neat workaround in Windows XP.

  1. Launch Calculator (either through the Start Menu or the keyboard ninja way Windows Key + R and type calc then hit Enter)
  2. In Calculator, click Help -> Help Topics
  3. Right-click on the left hand side of the title bar just near the icon and click Jump To URL…
  4. Type in the URL (make sure that you include ‘http://’) and go about browsing

This essentially works since the Help for some XP applications are HTML based and uses the IE engine as well.

Via Hackosis


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