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Windows Tip: How to Disable Hibernation in Vista

Hibernation has got to be one of the good things that Windows offers for mobile computing. But if you don’t have a real use for it, then why not just turn it off. While there are some good things about it – not losing what you’re doing when you need to shut your computer down – there are some kinks to it that I don’t like to deal with. Like the hibernation file taking as much space as you have physical RAM. And I have 2GBs of RAM and only 120GBs of hard drive space and I’ve actually used a great deal of that. Another 2GBs of data just to store a current session isn’t too attractive at all.

With Vista, there are two ways to disable hibernation. Pick your poison.

Via Disk Cleanup

  • Click Start and type disk cleanup and hit Enter
  • Select All files from this computer (be sure to have administrator privileges here as User Account control will bug you)
  • Select the drive where Vista is installed
  • Wait for Vista to finish scanning the files
  • Check the Hibernation File Cleaner option then click OK (just take note of the other options that are checked)
  • If prompted to delete files, click the Delete Files button

Via Command Prompt

Now I clearly don’t get it why disabling Hibernation doesn’t appear in the Power Options but you can do a manual override via command prompt.

  • Click Start then type command prompt, right-click on the icon and select “Run as Administrator”
  • Acknowledge the UAC prompt
  • In the command prompt window, type powercfg –h off
  • Close the command prompt window

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8 Responses to “Windows Tip: How to Disable Hibernation in Vista”

  • Lubos says:


    “powercfg –h off” works fine in CMD for my VISTA.
    I saved 2,5 GB on my HDD.
    VICTORY !!!

  • MeYHymN says:

    “Click Start then type command prompt”

    You don’t have to type ‘command prompt’ you can simply type ‘cmd’. Just an FYI

  • milka says:

    Thank you so much!! It worked for me too! :))

    Just a note though, it didn’t work with lowrcase but asked me to type /? for more info and when I typed it exactly like this POWERCFG -H OFF it worked! Victory! :DD 2GB off my hard drive

  • colin says:

    gr88888 stuff bro. worked gr8 for me thanks

  • ryan says:

    by the way you can type ‘powercfg -h off’ right into the vista start menu search and hit enter and it will automatically launch CMD, works with other command line commands also

  • Cov says:

    Great stuff … Vista getting more & more sleek for me.

  • Sajajd says:

    Thanks really nice control of commands
    can u tell me more special command

  • Tim says:

    I had to do powercfg /h off -h wasn’t a valid parameter.

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