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Workplace Watch: 3 Tips to Make Employees Happy


Earning is a happy thought. But most of the people who go to the office seem unhappy. If you’re the boss, don’t you just hate seeing how unhappy your employees are? Don’t let the bad mood spread. Do something about it before it gets to you.

Happy employees are more productive. It’s supported by statistics and it makes perfect sense. How do you keep employees happy? Now that’s the problem. One thing you can do to make sure you know what’s happening to them is to improve your HR team. The HR department is the closest channel your employees can reach the big boss. If you have an HR department who truly cares about your personnel, surely your employees will feel taken care of. Send your HR team on seminars to seek for new and cost-effective ways how the company can give your employees more health benefits and even incentives.

Regularly correspond with your employees to maintain a close relationship with them. If you don’t have the time to meet them on a regular basis, you can resort to a regular email update. Make sure they are updated on company policies, news and events. Don’t be one of those bosses who only talk to his managers then asks them to disseminate company milestones to the staff. And involve them in company celebrations so they’ll feel more like a team.

Maintain good and advanced company resources. It’s frustrating to work when you’ve got limited resources, right? Don’t test your personnel’s ability to do work under limited resources when everyone knows you can afford better technology and better facilities. This will only lead to ill feelings and bad relationship between administration and personnel.


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