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Workplace Watch: Avoing Effects of Unprofessionalism at Work

It’s hard to find true friends in the work place. And a bad relationship with colleagues can stop you from moving up the corporate ladder because networks are just as important as performance. Nevertheless, there is only so much friendship you can offer someone you work with. After all, the office is more like a battleground than a playground.

First of all, you have to know that a personal friend is different than a co-worker friend. If you can tell your personal friend just about anything, be more careful about what you tell your co-workers. Understand that in the office, what matters most is how they perceive you with regard to work and they don’t need to know the personal problems that affect your work from time to time.

There’s a danger in sharing too much information about yourself in the workplace. You need your privacy. You don’t need them talking behind your back because work stresses you out even without it. You don’t have to involve your officemates with what goes on in your private life.

Be even more careful with what you tell your boss. Bosses are the ones who evaluate us and our performance; these are important because it will determine our salary and our promotion. If you have a very good personal relationship with your boss, you will gain a lot of extra things. But if it turns out to be bad, then you might lose your job. Friendships have conflicts from time to time. Whereas if you stick to professional relationship, everything is just business and as long as you work well, your work is secured.

You can befriend your officemates without being too open to them. After all, a good working relationship helps get things done faster.

Be polite. No matter how frustrated you get with your work mates, always maintain a level of politeness when giving instructions, following-up, or complaining.

In the office, what you give is what you get. If you just stick to giving your best in your work and treating people with respect, you won’t have any difficulties moving up. Just remember that you came to work, that’s all.


One Response to “Workplace Watch: Avoing Effects of Unprofessionalism at Work”

  • done bad now good says:

    i wish i would have read this a few months ago before i got involved with office romance, too late now but will save in favorites for future reminder. lol. this is very true and i tried to be this way but my heart got in the way and messed everything up along with my big typing mouth. lol. still can’t believe it.

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