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Workplace Watch: How to Make Your Employees Your Company Assets

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You take pride in the people who work for you. But it’s human nature to seek for greener pastures. Your employees are your assets. They are the ones who keep your business running – staying late overnight on bad days and celebrating your milestones. And it’s just sad to see that the ones you’ve chosen resign and become useful to your competitors. How do you keep your employees’ loyalty to your company?

Get ahead in getting the best people. You might be surprised at how aggressive HR teams become when it comes to getting the best people. The increasing rate of unemployment gives you a good number of applicants. But you’re not after a large number fighting over one position. You just need one right person for the job. There are a lot of labor pools which you can dive into when you need manpower. But make sure that one of the requirements is an attitude of loyalty.

Companies invest much on training, but this also costs a lot. It is a very positive move to offer trainings to your employees. But if after your training, your trained employees don’t stay long, then that’s a real loss. To save on costs, hire people who are already competent.

Make your company look good. Getting good publicity encourages the best people to take pride working for you. Promote your business to show its concerns and contributions to the community so that your people will feel that they are part of something good.

Give them opportunities to lead. People who leave usually feel stuck in their work. If you give your people fair chances at promotion, then they can see themselves staying for good. As long as you can provide avenues for growth, your people will be happy workers.

Make them feel valued but… it’s a tendency for some employees to let this get into their heads. Sometimes they would feel indispensable and would try to abuse your trust. If this happens, be prepared for to enforce some discipline to put them back into their place. And face it, employees will move on one way or another so be sure to have contingencies.


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