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Workplace Watch: Rising Above the Usual Work Issues

Work is not always stressful. What I mean to say is that sometimes it is we who create our own problems in the workplace. It is not always the case that we are stressed by unreasonable deadlines, boss’ impossible expectations, or unnerving colleagues. Sometimes the problem is our inability to rise above the usual work issues.

There are days when we just don’t feel like doing anything. We get up and go to the office without really accomplishing anything. I have days like these, too. It usually happens when I feel exhausted or if my work feels more like a routine. What you need is a vacation. Take a few days off work and get refreshed. Obviously you need to break away from your routine. When you do get back to work again, you might find you missed it a bit and actually feel quite excited.

Are you disappointed of your job? Now quite what you expected? Well it’s not everyday you find a job which you can actually enjoy. That’s probably why they’re paying you to do it. People who have jobs they are passionate about are very lucky. So until you find that ideal job, work your hardest so you can work your way up to a promotion. After all, if your salary gets higher, your job becomes more ideal too, right?

Do not over-commit. Do not give yourself more to work on. Refuse extra work if your schedule doesn’t allow it. Say no to impossible and highly-demanding requests. Explain to your boss just how much work you can do in a number of work hours so he won’t overload you. If you make sure that everything you submit is excellent, then your boss will appreciate your focus on the quality.


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