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Workplace Watch: When Compulsion is a Waste of Time


There is something good about seeking perfection. However, too much focus on perfecting all the nitty-gritty details can cost you a lot of time. While having pangs of OCD is quite understandable especially if you hold a very high standard for your work, sometimes you just have to learn how to deal with time. It’s not always about the best work, but the best work with the time given.

Get over with the typos. Even a once over cannot totally eradicate these little boo-boos. Daily memos can be managed with one little mistake. It’s just a waste of time to edit and reprint them all over again. Exception to this, of course, would be very important documents.

Neat isn’t always efficient. So you want all your pens parallel and pointing twelve o’clock. That’s why you spend an hour every day straightening up your desk. An hour! Learn to deal with organized clutter instead. This way, you can work knowing where stuff are and not spend a minute trying to rearrange everything.

Delegate. Especially if you have the authority. This doesn’t mean that you should boss people around but a tendency of perfectionists is to follow the “If you want it done right, then you must do it yourself” philosophy. So pass on projects and share the work load.


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