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April, 2009

Avoiding Blisters

What spoils the fun of wearing a pair of brand new shoes? The blisters that come along with the breaking in. Here are some pointers on how not to get blisters:

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Dealing with Negativity

Sometimes, even if you try to keep an upbeat and optimistic outlook in life, there are other people who just won’t quit trying to get you down. Yep, these negative-thinking people aren’t just contented with being miserable, they want to make others miserable to boot. sure, you can try to help them but if they don’t want to be helped, …Continue reading →

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Effective Wireless

Here are some tips on how to maximize the use of your gadgets that have wireless technology:

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Frostbite Emergency

Frostbite can occur if you have been exposed to extreme cold. The way to prevent this is to limit your exposure by wearing proper clothing and by keeping yourself dry and warm. Avoid cold wind as much as possible. If in case you get a frost bite, you may do the following:

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Apartment Hunting

Are you looking for a new apartment? Here are a few things that should be in your checklist before you start signing leases:

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Saving up for That Thing You Really Want

Do you really want to buy that new pair of shoes but can’t really afford it? If you are desperate enough to save up, here are some tips that you can use to bring in some extra cash:

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Being Cool and Calm

It’s easy to jump into anger and hostility when someone is being plain obnoxious (to put it nicely). Well, here are some ways on how to keep the chill while the situation is heating up:

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What Not to Do at Work

A lot of people complain about how boring or how stressful their jobs are. But have they ever thought that they may not be model employees themselves? Here’s a checklist of some of the things that¬† you shouldn’t do at work. If you find yourself ticking away, then perhaps you ought to stop complaining and start cleaning up your acts.¬†

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Extend Your Notebook’s Life

Computer notebooks aren’t exactly the least expensive of things, yet they are the most used gadgets by many. Here are some ways on how to extend your notebook’s life so you won’t have to replace it more than you have to:

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Getting over Your Fear of Public Speaking

There are those who are born public speakers, while there are others who are in the other end of the spectrum. Some people just find the idea of getting in front of an audience to say a few words a nightmare. Here are some things you can do to help alleviate your fear of public speaking:

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