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3 Ways to Fend Off Depression


Depression hits all of us every now and then and not everyday is the best day. When such unfortunate days happen, we should know what we can do to get ourselves out of misery. Here are three things you can do to turn your bad days into endurable ones.

Party like a rockstar. Thank goodness you’ve got savings because you’re in need to give yourself a good time – fast. People may think using alcohol to forget your problems is shallow, but they must admit a few bottles can give you the goodnight sleep you need. Everyone has problems. You’ve even had tougher times than this so why act like it’s the end of the world?

Get even. Are you depressed because someone betrayed you? Don’t let him get away. Although revenge is always projected as a bad act, doing something to defend yourself boosts your self-esteem. As long as your
revenge does not involve things people go to prison for, you can scheme your retaliation as creatively as you can. It’s time people know they messed with the wrong guy.

Go with friends at a karaoke bar and sing your heart out. It might give other people migraine, but what do they know of your pain? What you can’t do in real life, sing in real life and be as whiny as you can.
You’ll feel better after a song or two.


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