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4 Tips on Smart Business Travel

Some people dream of a job that takes them places. Such a job indeed seems ideal–you see the world and you get paid for it, what could be better? But for people who actually have this kind of job, they might tell you that always being on the road is not as easy. Often, it’s even stressful and hectic, to say the least. Provided that your job still allows you to travel (or that you still have your job during this recession/depression) that is.

Here are some guides and tips which can help you cope if you have a job which makes you a frequent traveler so you can appreciate the places you go to, despite the business engagements.

Always take your planner with you. Business trips are not like office meetings–it can take days and even weeks. You simply cannot leave the house without your planner because you have to refer to it every time you set a business meeting. Mark the dates which you’ll be out of town and make sure the markings are very bold because the days that precede and succeed the days you’re out of town are reserved for making last-minute trip adjustments.

Always keep a bag at the ready. Whenever you go out, there are always the things you always bring: your credit cards, your road map, your travel passport, and maybe even your razor and some clothes and undies. It would be wise if you keep some of these nitty-gritty packed inside a bag so that during the actual packing you can just add more stuff. This way, you won’t always have to start from scratch when you have to leave.

If you don’t travel heavily, you can check in online. Doing so will save you from lining up during personal check-ins. You can also join “Frequent Flier” programs. Being a member will reduce a lot of nerve-racking processes at the airport.

Try to give yourself a breather during the trip. Some people just make their lives more difficult by giving themselves a very tight schedule. If you can fly at an earlier hour, why do you have to fly a few hours right before the meeting? Flights get delayed all the time so the earlier the better. Getting to your destination early will give you a peace of mind that you’re already settled. You can avoid a lot of stress if you’re ready ahead of time.


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