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5 Clutter-Busting Tips

One good way of starting the year right is to drain out all your clutter to further cleanse your life of complications. Have you tried doing away with your sentimental side, rummaging through your stuff for clutter, and tossing them out? If so, perhaps you might have been surprised by how much junk has accumulated in your home.

Fashion changes overnight. And it’s kind of annoying that way because it means to be fashionable we got to spend a few bucks rather often. But how do you make room for your newly-shopped clothes? You can also let go of old belts, bags, coats, shoes, hats–anything which you’re not likely to wear in the near future. You can either sell them in to second-hand stores, in your own garage sale, or donate them to charity–whichever makes you happier.

Reuse old clothing. It’s really weird why people would buy new rags. Can’t they just use old clothes and old fabric for cleaning and wiping the tables?

Save on laundry. Do you automatically throw your used clothes in the laundry? How about hanging those which are neither sweaty nor dirty so you can use them again later in the week?

Clean the filters of your appliances regularly. This way, their function is always tip-top. Try looking in your attic and in your garage for busted appliances and don’t you wish you could have squeezed out a few more years from them?

Don’t get sentimental on what’s essentially junk. Make it a habit to dispose things you don’t need. Don’t hesitate to throw things away because they have a slight sentimental value. If you’re not using it for anything, toss it in the bin.


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