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5 Ways to Upgrade Old Kitchen


For most people, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. And for a good reason. Where else do you lovingly prepare the food you serve to your family? Here are some things you can do to remodel your old kitchen.

Get all the tables out, and change the color of the walls. Give your cabinets and cupboard complete makeover with only a bucket of paint. Pick a fun color which can give you the mood for cooking and cover the remaining furniture with newspaper.

Buy new fixtures. If you have extra cash, spend it on a new sink if your old one is rusty and obsolete.

Free up some space. For some reason, your cabinets and counters have accumulated a lot of old and gunky kitchen stuff from ages ago. Throw away these things because they’re probably causing the funky smell in the room.

Either scrub the floor, or upgrade it. Over the years, a lot food has been spilled on the floor on several occasions. Choose a flooring that’s easy to clean.

Give it some nice, bright lighting. The kitchen has to have good lighting. Not only because you need to see your ingredients while cooking, but because bright light gives it a clean look. A murky kitchen gives it a damp feeling.


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