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6 Tips to Be Money Smart


With the prices of food and other consumer products going up, it seems that the only way to cope with the market prices is to constantly think of ways on how we can save a little so we can buy more.

Be smart with meat cuts. Premium meat cuts are more expensive so make it a habit to check out everything on the meat section before you get what you usually buy.

Take advantage of discounts at stores other than the supermarket. For example, there are drugstores that give rebates and coupons so you can pay much less for the same things you can buy at the grocery.

Shop on online stores like eBay. You never know what you may find that are sold in stores at a much higher price.

Cancel your newspaper subscription. Yes, the news is essential to you. But if you can catch the morning news program on your TV then you don’t have to read the same news on paper.

Don’t eat out when you can have fun eating at home. Work up on your cooking skills so you won’t crave expensive restaurant and take-out food. People who cook save so much on food.

Check out newsletters and other new announcements before hitting the stores. You might end up paying the regular price for an item just because you weren’t aware that the one store is holding a sale today.


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