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Accountability: Why People Refuse to Say, “I”


Accountability is owing to something. It is often synonymous to words such as “responsibility, and answerability.” Not all people will accept responsibility for their actions, especially in the day to day decisions, tasks, behaviors of a company. There are even fewer people who will admit committing mistakes. Most people will only admit to doing or saying something if it will entail something good, or rewarding.¬† Without a sense of accountability, people will have no qualms doing whatever they like because they refuse to see and ackowledge the consequences of their actions. This lack of responsibility is dangerous. If this is the case, why are there few people who are willing to be accountable for something? Here are several reasons people come up with just to avoid accountability:

I don’t know how. Not knowing is not an excuse. If you do not know, then learn how to do it. If you do not have the immediate resources, then ask help from others. According to a certain cliche, “if there is a will, there is a way.”

But that’s not my job! There are moments when you have to draw the line, that’s alright. But what if you were the last resort, would you still pass it up? Your job description does not define you as a person. What if it is no one’s job? Who then do it then? Do it. Learn from it. Widen your skills set. That’s the right attitude. Better than bitch around why you did not suffer through college just so you could photocopy a few sheets of reports for an emergency meeting. Spend the energy you will use whining by doing something productive instead.

I hate conflict. Unfortunately, no workplace is conflict-free. Issues will pop up the least you expect them. You will encounter them one way or another. So why hide from them? Face them and be the hero!

I did not do it, he did! You may be right but accountability in the work place does not only hold true for individuals. The group as one entity also has an accountability. So if one screws up, be prepared to suffer the consequences as a group. Unfair, but as part of said group, you have no choice. Keep in mind that a team’s accomplishment is also the accomplishment of its individual members. So why blame others if the opposite happens?

And remember, accountability is not only¬† saying or admitting, it’s also doing.


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