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Avoiding Deadline-Induced Stress


Most people say that they are stressed with work. However, just by changing a few ways of doing things can help ease the pressure in the workplace.

Start early with your tasks. Do not wait until the deadline is near before you begin with it. Jot it down in your calendar or planner. Starting late will only make you worry, and worrying brings in stress.

Keep it small and easy. Brainstorm over the project and break the task into little ones. Assign these little tasks to appropriate days and work on them. Soon enough, you’ll be able to finish your project without worrying much about it.

Set a time during office hours to work on projects and tasks. Do not bring them home. You can only do so much and sometimes the longer we work on things, the more difficult it becomes. Give yourself a break. Fresh eyes are always good eyes.

Create incentives. This can be professional or personal. Treat yourself to a spa weekend. Get yourself a new phone. Have dinner in a posh restaurant on Friday. Assign an incentive for each project. This will allow you to work harder on them knowing that you’ll get rewards.


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