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Avoiding Fast Food


If you have been on the habit of buying fast food for your meals and you want to transition to eating healthier stuff, then here are some tips on how to make things easier for you.

Do not just get rid of fast food but even junk food as well. Clear out your cupboards and refrigerator of chips, sugary sweets and snacks, carbonated drinks, etc. Instead, hit the produce section of the grocery and buy fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, and fish instead. Just try not to detour to the junk food aisles.

Involve other people around you. They don’t have to follow you but at least tell them of your scheme so they can support you and even do some reinforcing. If you are lucky, they might even agree to join you in your resolve.

Avoid passing fast food restos, most specially if you are hungry. Keep a water bottle of water with you all the time. Sometimes, we think we are hungry but actually we are just dehydrated. If you feel hungry, simply take a swig of water.

Instead of calling pizza or any other fast food delivery, try to bake your own healthy pizza or bake your own potato chips or wedges.


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